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Get an account

In order to log in to the Fleet Data - Service Portal a user account needs to be created first. You can either be invited by an admin or you can self sign up. To register to the service please open the Fleet Data - Service Portal ( and click on the "Create Account" tab.


Follow the steps in the dialogue and make sure to verify your email address by the 6digit code afterwards. After completing the registration successfully, your newly created user account has no initial permissions. Next, please contact the admin team via to ask for permissions. Please also provide additional information detailing why and for which ships you are requesting access. The admin team might check back with you or your supervisor to check the legitimacy of your request. In order to ensure highest security of your good, this process is a manual procedure. 

Sign in

After you have been assigned to an access group you can perform a login to the Fleet Data - Service Portal. Head to and log in with the credentials you used in the registration process:


If your user account has the required permissions, you will be redirected to the fleet overview page of the website.

Reset Password

Furthermore, you can also reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot your password?" link at the bottom of the "Sign in" tab. This would then lead you to another view (see below) where you can follow the required steps to reset your password.



If you are still unable to sign in then your user probably does not have the required permissions yet. In this case, please get in contact with the admin team via